1. My life has turned for the better…

    I have been seeing Francesca for 1 to 1 personal counselling sessions since 2016. At the time I started seeing her, I was emerging from a very unhappy and emotionally abusive home and childhood which was effecting my personal relationships. I used to come to the sessions with lots to talk about others but somewhat guarded when it came to speak about myself. I soon came to realize, during the early weeks working with Francesca that I had many layers of self doubt and battered self esteem which needed unraveling and healing. I felt that I had in some sense ‘lost’ my sense of self while in toxic situations. Through the peeling of these layers, Francesca helped me in rediscovering an integrated sense of myself.

    It is interesting that even year after regular counselling how important it is for me to see Francesca. Speaking to her helps my clear my mind without feeling judged and helps put things into perspective. The sessions that I have with her are an invaluable part of my life. I don’t always look forward to them; the work of counselling can be incredibly difficult. Being willing to allow a professional into your most inner self with all its flaws and fears is an true act of trust. Whatever feelings I come with to my sessions, I always leave feeling more integrated in myself. A year ago from today, I can honestly say I was different person in comparison to who I am today. My life has turned for the better and I have Francesca to thank for a lot of that. I highly encourage anyone who has ever considered counselling to speak to her. I am grateful to Francesca and especially the person who referred me to her, as it has and is helping my ongoing journey towards greater self awareness and emotional healing.

  2. She will change many lives…

    Having dealt with a serious addiction to alcohol which was gradually taking over my life I decided to take the brave step of seeking a counsellor to get some help. This was not at all something I was comfortable with and was most apprehensive. On our first meeting I knew I had made the right decision, Francesca was warm, friendly and I truly believed she wanted to help me. She is very gifted at what she does, she truly connects with you and is able to get straight to the root of the problem. Her calm and gentle manner puts you at ease yet she is not afraid to tell you what she thinks and challenge your thinking. I have been seeing Francesca for over a year now and she has been beyond amazing!! I sincerely believe that if it wasn’t for her, I would have not beaten this addiction and my life would be taking a very different path. I thoroughly recommend her as a counsellor and feel confident that she will change many lives.

    Natasha R.
  3. I am a stronger person…

    I lost my Father 10 years ago from suicide. He was a severe alcoholic. I was 16 at the time, and had no idea how to deal with any of it. Recently, I knew I needed to get help because the pain kept finding its way to the surface. I began meeting with Francesca, and she has truly changed my life. I am a stronger, confident, and more emotionally healthy person. She was my guiding light at a point where I felt completely lost and out of control. She really guides you and gives you the tools to deal with your issues on your own, so that you can deal with anything life will throw at you. Francesca, you are such an incredible, strong person and I am so grateful for everything you have taught me!

  4. She has unique insight…

    Francesca was recommended to my by a friend a few months ago. I’ve seen a couple of counsellors in the past and she has by far been the most helpful. I believe she has unique insight, and her upfront approach addresses issues far beyond the surface. I highly recommend her as someone to talk to if you are dealing with stress, anxiety, or relationship issues.

  5. My life has taken a dramatic positive change…

    When I first met Francesca, she welcomed me and immediately made me feel at ease. She’s created an environment that allows me to let my walls down and speak openly about anything that’s on my mind. Ever since I’ve been seeing Francesca, my life has taken a dramatic positive change in direction. Francesca is compassionate therapist who radiates optimism and tranquility.

  6. Francesca has a unique gift…

    Francesca has helped me acknowledge, understand and confront my anxiety in a unique way. Before seeing Francesca, I did not realize how much my anxiety was affecting me or where it came from. Now, I have learned coping mechanisms and understand how to change my thoughts to become more healthy. I now understand that catastrophic thoughts are not only not helpful, but also impossible. Things come with time.
    Sessions with Francesca felt like a discussion with a motherly figure or old friend, never like a stiff counsellor. I have seen multiple counsellors in the past, but Francesca has a unique gift. I would (and have!) recommended her to anyone who asks.
  7. Finally moving forward in my life…

    When I met Francesca Tomas I had already been through work counselling and a psychologist.  When I came into her office I felt just as bad as when I started this journey.  Right after my first appointment I knew I had hit the jack pot.  Francesca was definitely who I needed.  She is so helpful, compassionate, kind, great listener, honest, patient and I trusted her.  I am so glad Francesca crossed my path.

    It is great to finally feel so good about myself and know that I am a good person and worthy!  I have many tools in my toolbox and I am finally moving forward in my life happily!  Thank you Francesca Tomas for your guidance in helping to find my way back to trusting, loving and listening to myself.

  8. Throughout my life…

    Throughout my life, I have faced emotionally debilitating issues like anxiety and low self-esteem. Through just a few sessions with Francesca, we solved a number of my problems, allowing me to enjoy life more. In a comfortable atmosphere, she takes a friendly, personable approach at teaching and reinforcing life-altering lessons. The only thing I wish I could do right now is to have seen her sooner. For anyone who is seriously considering counselling for themselves, look no further; Francesca is the best!

  9. Thank you Francesca…

    Thank you Francesca for your expertise in helping me to not only see what was going on around me but more importantly, to understand what was going on within me. You helped me with so many aspects of my life, by helping me to view my challenges in a different way. The benefit for me was feeling more in control of my life. You truly have a gift to share – that of understanding human nature and caring for others.

    K. Scott