Do you ask questions like “why do I exist?”, “What’s the point?”, “How do I fit into humanity’s greater existence?” You’re not alone. These types of questions are what’s called existential questions. They are questions revolving around the existence of humanity and where you fit within it all. Typically, clients ask the world these questions when they need to be asking themselves these questions. What’s the difference? Read on to find out how a success coach in Surrey, B.C. can help those asking existential questions find answers and live their best life possible.

What is existential counseling?

Existential therapy revolves around where an individual fits into the grander existence of humanity. The “point of life” tends to be a focal point when addressing existential questions. A major goal of existential counseling is to help the client realize four things:

  • Each person has the capacity for self-awareness
  • Every person has a unique identity, which can only be known through interacting with others
  • Life’s meaning constantly changes, so recreating oneself is a must
  • Anxiety and suffering is a part of the human condition

How can a success coach help?

A common theme through existential questioning is the inability to make authentic, purpose-based decisions in life. This seemingly insurmountable barrier causes stress, doubt, and fear to simply exist. Sometimes people feel apathy, alienation, avoidance, and shame during these moments in life. Life can feel pointless, which removes hope and curiosity from dreams, goals, actions, and accomplishments.

A success coach can help an individual who feels unable to make decisions based on their own value system get their life back. It’s common for those asking existential questions to address the world for answers. The key component to getting answers to grand questions found in existential individuals is for them to ask themselves those questions. This is a major component a success coach like Francesca Tomas RPC, RTC can help resolve with her Bold, Beautiful, and Strong You success program.

Follow your own star!

It’s important to be your own star. What does this mean? It’s an emotionally anchored phrase to remind those who complete Francesca’s success program of their inner emotional strength. You are responsible for your own life, and because of this responsibility, you attain the freedom to choose how to live life.

In those suffering through existential questions without answers, responsibility and self-determination are huge factors in remedying the emotional pain surrounding existential doubt, fear, and anxiety.

Here’s how Francesca’s success program addresses the existential dread some feel:

Vision and goals

The inability to take action of one’s own volition revolves around not having a purpose in life. Those without purpose tend to have a hard time getting started, don’t finish things, and bounce around between a lot of different interests.

When an individual determines their own purpose with a big vision and goal setting, their feelings, thoughts, and actions all begin to move in one direction.

Release inner resistance

We feel afraid sometimes. We don’t believe in ourselves. In most cases, we’ll never get rid of the doubt we feel when doing something new. This is normal, and you’re not alone. Along with these emotions, the huge existential questions can add emotional stress and anxiety to simple decisions like “should I wear blue or green today because what’s the point?” When you can determine your own purpose and direction in life, the resistance no longer factors into decision making. You may never not feel resistance, but it soon fades as a negative influence on your decision making.

Determining a purpose in life allows you to work through past resistance to start playing big in life.


Many of us already ignore the importance of self-care. Whether we’re driven to succeed or simply can’t feel the energy to achieve anything, our own health—mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional—plays a huge role in our ability to consistently perform daily.

When you put yourself first, you will begin to find energy and passion to achieve anything you can envision.

Remove unresolved patterns

Humans are predictable. They exist inside a set of patterns. Why? It’s easier and less stressful to be able to know what, where, when, and how things are going to unfold from day-to-day. A negative aspect to patterns, however, are past traumas, current addictions, or even moment-to-moment thoughts. Negativity impacts and influences your life on many different levels. If negative energy is powerful enough to create the life you’re living now, how different would your life be with primarily positive energy flowing through it?

When you choose to remove negative or unresolved life patterns, you create room for positive energy in your life.

Set boundaries

Emotional boundaries are imperative to protecting yourself from negative energy and allowing others to experience you or you them in a positive manner.

When you set clear boundaries, you gain a sense of control and power in your life.

Clear values and expectations

Values and expectations are commonly overlooked. We expect our lives to simply unfold as we wish it to. Nonetheless, it’s important to identify and acknowledge your life values. What does this do? It gives you lens to view life through and act/react when life happens. Your behaviors ultimately reflect your values. However, if your behaviors do not reflect your values, it may be causing some emotional turmoil. Typically, those suffering existentially have a misalignment between values, perception, and behaviors. One way to remedy this is to align your vision and values.

When you acknowledge your values, examine your behaviors, and then align the two, your life purpose and efforts to fulfill it become effortless.

Celebrate new habits

It’s important to complete your positive life feedback cycle with celebration. You’ve worked hard on your inner emotions, so you deserve a pat on the back. It can be hard to celebrate oneself since we all don’t want to look conceited. However, it’s imperative to reward ourselves for the work we’re doing on ourselves. Not only is celebrating a good thing, it helps attribute the new habits your building with the positive energy in the celebration.

When you celebrate self, you become more empowered to be you all the time.

Affordable counseling in Surrey, B.C.

If you’re looking for a way to answer your existential questions or simply get your life back on track, Francesca’s 90-day Bold, Beautiful, and Strong You success program can help. The focus is on building inner emotional strength via a 7-step process to blow negative self beliefs out of the water and move onto an empowered, purpose-driven life.